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Some crazy dudes who have a passion for beer. But more than that we are a small craft brewery, some people would say nano- or even pico-brewery, located in Zuchwil, Switzerland. All we want to do is to brew high-quality craft beers with a lot of love for the ingredients used.

As we are very social people we don’t want to keep all the beer for us. We want you to be part of it. All you have to know is that we brew when we have time for it. We’ll happily sell you all the beer we have, but as we also have real jobs in the real world, we’re not able to brew every single day.  Although that would be very cool.

So sometimes you might have to wait a little bit before your favourite beer is available again in our shop.

Craft Beer
How it all started

How it all started

Long story short: it all started with the first sip on something called India Pale Ale many years ago. It’s amber color, the balance between fruity and hoppy aromas in your nose and mouth.

At this very moment, our love for so called craft beer was born – and it never let us go. Beside the great taste of many craft beers coming from around the world, we really liked the idea that many of those craft brewerys were following: using high-quality ingredients to produce a lovely beer with it’s very unique character instead of producing hectoliters of beer that taste all the same.

The years passed and many different beers were drunk. But one day we had to try it for ourselves. We had to make our very own craft beer. Although we brewed our first batch of beer in our kitchen – 3.8 liters to be honest – it didn’t taste that bad and our friends liked it as much as we did. And from this point it all started to evolve.

In 2020 we invested in larger brewing equipment – what else was there to do during the corona pandemic? And we started to sell beer to our family members, friends and now even to you. Although we now can brew more than 3.8 liters a day – actually a lot more – we still follow the simple principle of using high-quality ingredients to give our beers a little unique flavour.

It’s all handmade. We never wanted to be one of the big players and we never want to be.

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